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Ocean Front Cottage

Two summers ago when my husband and I purchased our ocean front cottage, also known as, “The Beach House”, in New Brunswick, it really sparked my interest in real estate investing. I loved going through the process of finding the right property and financing my first deal. Spending time there each summer, immersed in this beautiful community is what initially got me thinking about real estate’s potential. While the “beach house” remains my primary home away from home, I’m excited to start exploring investment opportunities beyond being a cottage owner.

Judith Tait Real Estate

Skills that Set Me Apart

I’m avidly exploring the multi-family real estate sector, seeking to establish solid partnerships in this exciting market. Despite being in the early stages of this journey, my extensive background in team building, management, time efficiency, and productivity allows me to bring a unique perspective to the table. I am actively seeking to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for real estate and are interested in forming a powerful partnership. If you’re looking to venture into the realm of multi-family properties and need a committed, driven, and knowledgeable partner, let’s connect to align our visions for a prosperous real estate future.

team building

My expertise in building a team is marked by my intuitive knack for recognizing and harnessing individuals’ unique strengths, fostering an environment of collaboration and respect.

My strategic leadership approach ensures that each team member is aligned with the company’s core values and vision, driving collective success. This distinct capability enables me to construct robust teams that thrive on synergy, creativity, and a shared commitment to excellence.


My management style is distinct in its fusion of empathetic leadership with results-driven strategies, ensuring that every team member feels valued and motivated to achieve our collective goals.

I excel in creating seamless operational workflows that maximize efficiency while maintaining a supportive and dynamic work environment. My commitment to continuous improvement and open communication sets the foundation for sustainable success and a resilient team culture.

time efficiency

My approach to time efficiency sets me apart, with a focus on prioritizing tasks effectively and employing cutting-edge techniques to streamline operations, resulting in maximized productivity without compromising quality.

I am adept at identifying and eliminating time-wasting activities, freeing up resources to focus on strategic growth and innovation. This efficiency not only propels my projects forward swiftly but also allows me to invest more time in mentoring my team and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement.


I stand out through my strategic prioritization and meticulous planning skills, ensuring that productivity is maximized across all areas of operation. I have honed the ability to anticipate roadblocks and swiftly pivot, maintaining momentum and keeping the team on a trajectory of progress.

My commitment to leveraging technology and fostering a culture of efficiency allows me to consistently deliver results and set new benchmarks in productivity.

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