Public Speaking

Public Speaker Judith Tait

Adding to the many hats I wear

I’ve also ventured into the world of public speaking. As an engaging keynote speaker and a skilled workshop leader, I bring my insights and experiences to varied audiences. My speeches and workshops have traversed the themes of business development and strategic planning, amongst others, providing actionable insights to those striving to scale their businesses. I’m a retired police officer and the proud founder of a successful six-figure business.

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Judith Tait Business Coach

My Mission

My mission continues to be one of empowerment, helping budding entrepreneurs leverage their skills, build the life they’ve envisioned, and achieve the freedom they’ve desired.

I leverage my unique expertise in time management, productivity, and team building, with a passionate dedication to helping others break free from the confines of their 9-to-5 jobs, transforming their side hustles into thriving six-figure businesses. In my journey of facilitating success for others, I have developed a robust six-pillar framework. This model isn’t just a theoretical construct but a foundation built on actionable and strategic tools, crucial to business expansion without the accompanying burnout.

Judith Tait Public Speaker

Here’s what they say!

Judith Tait, you were fabulous! So much value I am in serious implementation mode as we speak!


H.U.B. Inc. Durham Director

Thank you, Judy, for such an educational business seminar…you are truly an inspiration!


Business Workshop Participant

In the last few years of my career as a Police Officer, I knew I wanted more; I wanted to run my own business, as I knew this would be the road to early retirement. As a fitness enthusiast with a deep love for dogs and all pets, I decided to combine my passions. This led me to create my dog-walking and pet-sitting business, joyfully titled ‘Move Your Doggie.’ What I initially viewed as a delightful way to enrich my day and earn some extra cash morphed into a thriving six figure success.


This journey awakened another passion within me: the desire to teach other women on their business ventures. My new goal has become to educate, inspire, and mentor business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on their individual paths to success, which I do through coaching and speaking. I truly believe in sharing the insights and experiences I have gained, thus contributing to the growth and achievements of others in the business world.

In my keynote and workshop, titled ‘Passion to Six Figures’, I delve into the four components crucial to creating the business and life you desire.

Attendees can expect to learn:



The importance of personal growth, focusing on building the mental and physical energy necessary for executing a successful business endeavor.


The utilization of highly effective time management tools that are aimed to augment productivity levels by threefold.                        


The creation and implementation of a standout customer service model designed to foster customer loyalty and encourage referrals.


 The process of finding a mentor, a great way to abbreviate your entrepreneurial journey and accelerate your path to success.

Through these teachings, I hope to impart the necessary tools and strategies

to build a successful business and lead a fulfilling life.

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