Mission Statement


My mission is to empower individuals and businesses with the knowledge to harness both entrepreneurship and real estate investment as vehicles towards financial freedom. By teaching the principles of successful business creation and smart investing, I aim to enable others to design the life they envision. Through my platforms, I strive to foster thought leadership, inspire action, and spread awareness about the attainability of financial freedom, contributing to both personal and community growth.

Vision Statement


To be a leading figure in fostering financial independence through entrepreneurship and real estate investing, reaching and transforming lives through the power of connection. Visionary in setting a standard for thought leadership, I aim to use my platforms to inspire, educate, and provoke action that drives significant personal and community growth, ultimately shaping a world where financial freedom and fulfillment are within everyone’s reach.

About Me

My name is Judith Tait, but you can call me Judy.



Judith Tait

I’m deeply committed to empowerment and success, with a professional journey originating from a fulfilling 25-year stint in policing. Retiring at the rank of Sergeant marked the beginning of my entrepreneurial path.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a keen eye for strategic business development and efficient management, I was ready for the new course my career would take.

Move Your Doggie

In the last six years of my policing career, I nurtured my entrepreneurial spirit, establishing and scaling a successful six-figure business from scratch. With a passion for business growth, I built a robust team and laid a solid foundation for success, ensuring quick growth and scalability through efficient automation, systems, and processes.

In the Spring of 2021, my portfolio flowered with an exciting new facet: real estate investing. This interest was ignited when my husband and I purchased our idyllic oceanfront cottage in New Brunswick, fondly known as “The Beach House”. The process of finding the perfect property, coupled with the financial management aspect, sparked a new passion within me. Today, I eagerly delve deeper into the realm of real estate, consistently expanding my knowledge through online courses, communities, and investor networking groups. My current focus is on exploring diverse asset classes and markets, with keen interest in the multi-family space.

Beach House Sunrise
Judith Tait Business Coach

As a Business Coach, I extend my expertise to ambitious women aiming to kick-start or expand their businesses. I help these women confidently stand out, enabling them to establish themselves as trusted authorities within their respective industries. My areas of specialization – including time management, productivity, team building, visibility, online course creation, workshop development, building a community and real estate investing – ensure a diverse and comprehensive coaching approach.

My influence isn’t limited to coaching and real estate investing. As a compelling public speaker and a best-selling author, I engage and empower my audience. Moreover, as the host of my television show on Rogers TV Durham, my reach is broadened, allowing my influential voice to be heard by many more.

Public Speaker Judith Tait
At The Heart of Business On the Set

I wear many hats – entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author, TV show host, and an emerging real estate investor.

My consistent learning experience, combined with the depth of my professional wisdom, distinguishes me as a formidable force in the world of business.

My life’s work embodies women’s empowerment, entrepreneurial success, and professional resilience.

Behind the Scenes

At The Heart of Business, Sophie and I in the studio.

Me and Sophie in the studio

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