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I help people to achieve their goals in both business and real estate investing, by offering personalized coaching, real estate investment opportunities, and a platform to share their thought-leadership.


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Hello! I’m Judith

My name is Judith Tait, a.k.a Judy. I’m a business enthusiast with a rich professional journey starting from a fulfilling 25-year stint as a police officer, retiring as a Sergeant, transitioning to an entrepreneur, and expanding to real estate investing following my “Beach House” acquisition in Spring 2021.

In the last six years of my career, I nurtured a successful six-figure business from scratch, igniting my entrepreneurial spirit.

As a Business Coach, I leverage my expertise in time management, productivity, team formation, and real estate, augmenting women’s visibility as trusted industry authorities. While my influence is reflected through my coaching and real estate investing, it’s amplified as I engage my audience as a compelling speaker, best-selling author, and TV show host.

My assortment of roles, coupled with continuous learning, cements me as a formidable force in business, championing empowerment, entrepreneurial success, and professional resilience. 

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At the Heart of Business
Newly Invested Podcast

In this video, you will witness Judith Tait captivating her audience with her riveting talk termed ‘Courage to Change.’

Through this powerful address, she compellingly highlights the importance of embracing one’s individuality, challenging societal norms, and having the audacity to speak one’s truth. Emphasizing the courage required to diverge from conventional paths and to actively seek the existence one yearns for, rather than conforming to expected norms, her words are sure to inspire and ignite positive transformations.

This talk exemplifies Judith’s dedication to inspire people to invest in their own change and the life they truly desire.

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